New Gear Day Loop-Master 3 Looper Effect Switcher

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DIMENSIONS: 6" X 2.2" X 1.6"

Turn on multiple effects with one click. (See below)
Use as a simple interface for activating back row effects on the front row of your pedalboard.
Add true bypass capability to any effect and eliminate tone-sucking effects from your signal path. When you want them off, they'll be COMPLETELY off. (each loop grounds out the send for zero bleedover)
Use for effects that do not have on/off switches.
Handmade with the finest components possible for superior tone such as point-to-point military spec silver plated wiring, silver soldering, Switchcraft jacks and a heavy-duty aluminum enclosure. No buffers and no tone-sucking BS.
Models with LED's use Boss/Ibanez style 9v barrel-style adapter for LED power only. Will work without power minus LED indication. Our LED circuits does not screw with your tone.

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Loop-Master 3 Looper Effect Switcher

  • Brand: Loop-Master
  • Product Code: 3 Looper (Mini Strip)
  • Availability: 4
  • ₱4,000.00

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