Hipshot Doubleshot for Telecaster®

Pre-Order New Gear Day Hipshot Doubleshot for Telecaster®

Open up your electric guitar to new dimensions of tuning with the DoubleShot by Hipshot. With the flip of the DoubleShot’s lever you can effortlessly change from standard tuning to open G or to drop C (or just about anything else for that matter). It's like having two instruments in one!  

The low tuning is set using your traditional tuners and the high tuning is set on the thumbscrews of the DoubleShot. The lever actuates individual cams that bend each string to the higher pitch accurately and quickly. It’s all mechanical and so dead simple it seems like magic. 
  • Extremely accurate and quick tuning changes with the flip of a lever
  • Made from polished aluminum and stainless steel, components will not corrode over time 
  • We recommend installation with locking tuners for smoother and more accurate transitions 
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  • Brand: Hipshot
  • Product Code: HIP-1106TC
  • Availability: Pre-Order
  • $474.72

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