Sperzel Trim-Lok 4 In Line Black Bass Locking Tuner

Pre-Order New Gear Day Sperzel Trim-Lok 4 In Line Black Bass Locking Tuner
These are genuine, factory-fresh Sperzel Trim-Lok bass tuners, for 4 In-line headstocks finished in Black and with full manufacturer warranty


Weight (single tuner)1.587 oz45g
Headstock hole diameter0.437"(7/16")11.11 mm
Max Headstock Thickness0.700"17.78 mm
Min Headstock Thickness0.550:13.97 mm
Max string gauge0.125" 

We keep a massive inventory of Sperzel Trim-Lok guitar tuners, including the custom buttons, Left hand and 7-string sets. They carry full factory warranty. We're very proud of our . 

All sets are built to order the same day, so we can provide any configuration and button combination you need - just send us an email if you have a special requirement. 4x2? No problem. 6 inline reverse non staggered in black with gold buttons? No problem either.

Installation - fits almost all guitars. The posts are 3/8 and fit a hole drilled as 10mm or 25/64". Everything you need to install is included.