Sperzel Trim-Lok Ez-Mount 6 Inline Staggered Satin Gold Locking Tuners

Pre-Order New Gear Day Sperzel Trim-Lok Ez-Mount 6 Inline Staggered Satin Gold Locking Tuners
These are the new Sperzel Trimlok EZ-Mount tuners, no need to drill your headstock! Satin Gold, 6 inline and staggered/graduated.
The new Sperzel EZ-Mount system uses two tiny spurs instead of the traditional Trim-Lok pin or the screws needed on other tuners. No need to drill your headstock, just loose fit the tuners, line them up and tighten the nuts.
Important: Uses standard peg head holes, and is suitable for 6 inline headstocks - you should have a 10mm/13/32" peghead hole (most guitars have this), and your headstock needs to be less than 15mm/0.590" (most are)
We keep a massive inventory of Sperzel Trim-Lok guitar tuners, including the custom buttons, Left hand and 7 and 8-string sets. We're very proud of our . 
All sets are built to order the same day, so we can provide any configuration and button combination you need - just send us an email if you have a special requirement. 4x2? No problem. 6 inline reverse non staggered in black with gold buttons? No problem either.
Installation - fits almost all guitars. The posts are 3/8 and fit a hole drilled as 10mm or 25/64". Everything you need to install is included.


Sperzel tuning keys are machined from solid billet aluminum for light weight and held to precise tolerances and quality checks to produce a precision tuning key that eliminates shaft wobble, endplay and minimum backlash. The Trim-Lok model offers no tying or winding around string posts, greatly improving your tuning capabilities for playing style and enjoyment. Rid yourself of Tuning Torture Syndrome!
Trim-Lok is the ultimate in tuning keys. The locking feature eliminates the need for multiple string wraps, and trem users no longer need a locking nut that deadens string sustain and all annoying Allen screws and wrenches (added weight). Tired of tying strings? This is the answer. This model is proven to hold strings tightly, allowing the guitar to stay in tune to improve playing enjoyment. The Trim-Lok is a mechanical type locking system that can be used on ANY guitar, including non-trem or acoustic.
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