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Revv Amplification G4 Distortion Pedal

High Gain Monster – Wide, thick tone, with huge bass response & lots of air on top. If the G3..


Revv Amplification G3 Distortion Pedal

Mix Ready – Smart filtering keeps lows tight & highs present with no mud or ice. Feels Grea..


Rowin Tube Driver Tube Style Distortion Box

Classic blues overdrive sound characteristic Full metal shell Very small and exquisiteTrue byp..


Rowin Amp Pusher A Legendary Overdrive Sound

Wide range frequency response AMP sound, also sounds good on bass Full metal shell Very small and ..


Rowin Frenzy Fuzz

Legendary rich, creamy, violin-like sound, very nice fuzz tone  Full metal shell Very small a..


Rowin Blues Style Overdrive

BluesWide range frequency response blues style overdrive sound, also sounds good on bass 2 Work..


Rowin Top Ideal Clean Boost

20db+ clean boost with ±15db 2 band EQ, nice embellishing of original tone Full metal shell Very s..


Rowin Raving Analog Metal Distortion 3 Modes Out Of Stock

Rowin Raving Analog Metal Distortion 3 Modes

Metal Distortion:Raving Metal Distortion  offers an aggressive and heavy tone that is sough..


Rowin Hunk Vintage British Distortion

Product details A high gain distortion sound with powerful mid frequency Full metal shell Very sm..


Rowin Razor Heavy Metal Distortion

2 Working Modes: Boost/Normal Normal: No boost is engaged. Boost: A higher amount of boost is enga..


New Gear Day TC Electronic SpectraDrive Pre-Order

TC Electronic SpectraDrive

 FEATURESHigh-quality bass preamp ported directly from TC’s line of bass amps gi..


New Gear Day JHS Pedals Bonsai 9-way Screamer Pre-Order

JHS Pedals Bonsai 9-way Screamer



New Gear Day Xotic Effects BB Preamp Pre-Order

Xotic Effects BB Preamp

The BB Preamp offers awide variety of sounds. It's capable of a 30dB+ clean boost with an adjustable..


Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer

The Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer is a reissue that's just like the original in so many ways. Same housin..