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Guitar Modulation Pedals

Empress Effects Zoia Modular Synthesizer Guitar Multi Effects PedalThe ZOIA is basically a modular synthesizer in pedal form. Instead of being a delay effect or tremolo, the ZOIA provides the modules necessary to build a delay or tremolo from the ground up. But since you're the one building it, ..
Brand: Rowin
FlangerA classic analog flanger guitar effect pedal. The ciruit of analog filter. Great sound that words can not describe, feels like the blue sky and white clouds, the glittering sunshine refraction, the whole world could be isolated with the beautiful sound Easy to Control There are three fu..
Brand: Rowin
Model Number:Guitar Effects Very small and exquisite workmanship Pure analog circuit, warm, pure, spacious sense of the chorus sound Powered by a DC9V adapter ( not included ) True bypass design minimizes tone loss Product weight: 0.2150 kg Product size: 9.00 x 3.50 x 3.50 cm / 3.54 x 1.38 x 1..
Brand: Rowin
 ROWIN LEF-3808 Mod Station 11 Mod EffectsNEW from ROWIN MOD STATION Guitar Effect Pedal with 11 of the worlds best classic modulation effects and housed them in to one powerhouse micro chassis.The Rowin LEF-3808 Modulation pedal is indeed small and compact but it generates a wealth of great t..
Brand: Rowin
Features:Harmonizer guitar effects pedal provides precise Polyphonic Pitch Shifting with an outstanding level of control. Shape your sound via the precision Range dial, as well as Wet and Dry controls; these functions provide optimum control for your desired effect. This great value pedal also..
Brand: Rowin
Features: Pure analog phaser effect pedal with warm and plump sound. 2 working modes: VINTAGE- return back to the 1974s with warm and illusion classical phaser effect; MODERN- gain more depth to modern plump phaser effect. SPEED knob adjusts the vibration speed of the phaser effect. True bypass prov..
Brand: Wampler
A New World of Modulation Power Welcome to the Wampler Terraform! The Terraform reshapes the landscape of traditional modulation. This pedalboard-friendly stompbox has multiple routing options, true stereo, presets, MIDI control and 11 custom-designed modulation effects imagined and created in-h..
Brand: Joyo
Joyo R13 XVI Polyphonic Octave Guitar Effect PedalThe pedal features controls for mixing Sub Octave Control, Up Octave Control to adjust pitch. Dry control increases the input dry volume. Modulation Control to unleash the organ tones.The pedals Mod control is the thing you twiddle to get the big..
Brand: Joyo
Features:JOYO R-09 VISION is a dual channel modulation pedal, supporting stereo input and output. Both of the two effects have independent SPEED/RATE, CONTROL, and DEPTH/MIX knobs. In the middle of the panel, a 3-position toggle switch is used for choosing the sequence of the two effects’..
Brand: Mosky
Combined Effect Pedal4 Effects Pedal in 1 Unit  :Overdrive ,LOOP,Chorus, DelayRED FOXOverdrive: Based on the Timmy Overdrive  (two mode overdrive). Drive:Adjusts the amount of Overdrive Bass:Adjusts  the amount of low frequency in the soundTreble:Adjusts  the amount of Hi ..
Brand: Mosky
CE CHORUSVintage ChorusCreate some fresh and extensive chorus effects with this analog pedal. Uses the classic BBD chip to get that circuit-chorus tone. Rate and Depth knobs let you shape your sound.Based on Boss ce2Rate and Depth knobs provide fine sound adjustment  Premium all-a..
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