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Brand: Rowin
Features: Rowin LEF-331 DI BOX Pedal. Smart direct input box with ultra low distortion, it quietly transers the sound of guitar. Or bass directly to the audio system. Balanced/unbanlanced output, gain switch, cabinet simulator and ground lift function included. Small and exquisite design wi..
Brand: GFI System
Cabzeus MONO is a compact yet powerful speaker simulator DI.Box pedal. It was developed as a single channel version of its stereo big brother, Cabzeus. Cabzeus Mono offers 12 Speaker algorithms modeled after the real-life counterparts, each algorithms has 4 variations (speaker size and cabinet type)..
Brand: Joyo
Joyo R15 Revolution Series Preamp House Amp Simulator PedalThe Joyo Preamp House is a compact and user friendly solution to all your tone needs!It features tone shaping and amp simulation needs all in a single pedal which can fit into your pedal board with ease. It can be used as a DI pedal ..
Brand: Joyo
Features:Cabinet modeling pedal, with IR loading supported. 4 tube power amp simulations, 20 cabinet models and 11 classic microphone models. Regarding the IR, apart from 20 preset loading locations, it also supports storing 10 third party IRs Connect to PC through USB, and use matching sof..
Brand: GFI System
Cabzeus is a algorithm-based  speaker - cabinet - miking  simulator system. Connected direct to your gears this device enables you to obtain the sound of a miked-guitar amp cabinet without the hassle of miking your cabinets. Extending this basic function, we’ve built into Cabzeus a plethora of uniqu..
Brand: Whirlwind
DescriptionOur top-of-the-line DI is an active direct box that operates with batteries or phantom power.Its super-clean front-end circuitry delivers extremely wide and flat frequency response and will reveal hidden harmonics from guitars and basses with high-output passive pickups.Features include:1..
Brand: Whirlwind
Product Description for the Whirlwind IMP2 - Direct BoxThe IMP 2 converts a line or instrument level unbalanced signal to a low impedance mic level balanced signal. It's the ideal direct box for anyone requiring professional quality and durability in an economical package. Features1/4 in. parallel w..
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