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Wampler Clarksdale Out Of Stock

Wampler Clarksdale

There are some overdrives that truly deserve to be called "legendary”. One of them, without doubt, ..


Wampler dB+ – Boost/Independent Buffer Out Of Stock

Wampler dB+ – Boost/Independent Buffer

A full frequency boost and independent buffer brought to you in a small footprint mini pedal...


Wampler Dracarys

What do you get when Brian Wampler, a man who has built an empire on some of the most respected di..


Wampler Dual Fusion Out Of Stock

Wampler Dual Fusion

The Dual Fusion pedal from Wampler Pedals is, we think, the first overdrive pedal specifically voic..


Wampler Ego Compressor Out Of Stock

Wampler Ego Compressor

Now widely regarded as the industry standard in guitar pedal compression, the Ego Compressor brings..


Wampler Equator Advanced Audio Equalizer

EQ is the most important part of your sound, and often the most overlooked...The often ove..


Wampler Ethereal Reverb and Delay Out Of Stock

Wampler Ethereal Reverb and Delay

How many times have you sat in front of your favorite ambient pedal and felt like you need weeks o..


Wampler Euphoria Out Of Stock

Wampler Euphoria

Natural, transparent overdriveThe Euphoria has been world renowned for many things over the yea..


Wampler Faux Tape Echo V2

Now in it’s second incarnation, the Faux Tape Echo v2 brings you everything you want from a standa..


Wampler Fuzztration Out Of Stock

Wampler Fuzztration

With all the character, power, and tone of a classic fuzz – the Velvet offers all this AND the opti..


Wampler Hot Wired v2 Out Of Stock

Wampler Hot Wired v2

The Brent Mason Hot Wired v2. The only pedal versatile enough to be taken into the world's most dem..


Wampler Latitude Deluxe Tremolo Out Of Stock

Wampler Latitude Deluxe Tremolo

A full featured tremolo with a beautiful core tone, and the control to give you exactly what you ne..


Wampler Mini Ego Out Of Stock

Wampler Mini Ego

Now widely regarded as the industry standard in guitar pedal compression, the Mini Ego Compressor ..


Wampler Mini Faux Spring Reverb Out Of Stock

Wampler Mini Faux Spring Reverb

Wampler's legendary Faux Spring Reverb: same great tone, small footprint, high-quality tone!The..


Wampler Paisley Drive Out Of Stock

Wampler Paisley Drive

I’m guessing that most of you know the story about Brian modding a pedal and throwing it onto the s..