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MXR M108 Ten Band Graphic EQ

Dunlop MXR M-108 10 Band Equalizer M108 EQ Guitar Pedal
The MXR M-108 Ten Band Graphic EQ provides extreme control over the 10 most crucial frequencies for guitar. Also, with its separate input gain and output volume sliders, it provides a nearly ridiculous amount of level control. Any sound you want, from thundering crunch to searingly sharp clarity is easy to dial in. Includes 18 volt USA type power supply.

12db of serious cut or boost
Hardwire bypass
Input gain and output volume sliders
Gain and volume slider LEDs blink to indicate signal clipping
Illuminated sliders for onstage carving
Glow-in-the-dark graphics
18-volt operation for twice the headroom of most eq pedals
Indestructible, die-cast zinc housing
Strukture S6P48 Right-Angle Guitar Patch Cable 6 in.
Length: 6 in.
Jack: Right-angle

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