Rowin LT-920 Power Tuner

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When you’re in the studio or out performing live, it’s important to make sure that your instrument is tuned as accurately as possible so you don’t hit any wrong notes. The Rowin LT-920 Tuner PSU pedal is a superb piece of kit that ensures you won’t go out of tune and it is also small and lightweight enough to fit on your pedalboard.

The LT-920 pedal by Rowin is a high precision chromatic tuning pedal which reacts super fast so that whenever you have to retune your strings it will be done accurately and efficiently.

This particular tuner pedal by Rowin comes from a range of guitar effects pedals which are designed using advanced circuitry that fits snugly into a compact chassis, mini enough to fit in your hand. It is lightweight and easily portable, so it is a worthy addition to have in your sound rig. It also has a robust feel that can withstand hours of use, so you can turn to it at any time you need.

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