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DemonFX CK Compressor Effects Pedal

The CK COMPRESSOR Based on Keeley c4 compressor
This amazing pedal is designed and built by handmade and using the best quality components and using theplug-in components .
The Sustain Control
The 9 O’clock position should be barely noticeable. It will just take out really loud sudden peaks, this is great for protecting your
 speakers and the like. The 12 O’clock position
provides the right presence for using the compressor pedal continuously while performing.
The 3 O’clock position is great for solos. It really adds some cool effects to your playing dynamics.
Only when really cranked do you get the pluck sound of your pick emphasized.
Attack Control
The compressor pedal has an Internal Attack control, designed for bass players with high-output active pickups or active pedal
boards with buffers.
Clipping Control
The compressor pedal also has an Input Sensitivity Control, meaning you can use this in your studio to run keyboards, drum machines,
drum mics, even master recordings and other line-level uses.
You’ll raise your signal to a new level of sonic awesomeness.
True-Bypass Switching Circuit
True bypass means that when the effect is off your guitar tone will not be affected at all. The true bypass circuit makes sure you have
 absolutely no tone loss or signal reduction
through the compressor pedal in the off/bypass mode. This switch makes sure you have absolutely no tone loss or signal reduction
 through the 4-knob compressor even in the off mode. Other compressors use a cheap switch and design that runs down your
signal even when off or if the battery goes weak.
Power supply
The DC jack is the standard type fitting just about every power supply out there.

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