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FT01 Clip TunerCLIP TUNERA well designed clip-on guitar and bass tuner FT-01 is the perfect tuner for your daily use.A bright and colorful display, intuitive user interface, and a mechanical hinge with a rotatable display keep things easy-to-read in any position.Tuning range is adjus..
Portable Multi Effects Pedal The FX100 from Flamma is the latest entry in to the multi-effects ring from new startup Flamma. For those looking for the latest entry-level multi-effects, take a closer look at the FX100. On the amps and effects front, 55 high-quality amp models are included as ..
Features12 pitches with 11 different harmony modes Dedicated reverb designed for vocals Supports Guitar-in with individual guitar reverb effect Optional 48V phantom power Can be used as a microphone amplifier or a traditional stompbox. Two different output modes for a mixed-signal o..
FV03 CharacterVocal Effect Pedal Adding to the brand-new lineup of vocal effects pedals from Flamma is the FV03 Character vocal reverb and sound effects pedal. The FV03 allows users to create hilarious and life-like vocal effects to add unique sounds to your live show or musical project...
FV02 DoublingVocal Effect Pedal This pedal is designed for vocalists and guitarists to add rich chorus and reverb effects to their microphone and/or guitar signal. Singers can also switch between WARM, BRIGHT, and NORMAL modes, with each mode indicating the type of EQ manipulation provid..
FV01 Vocal Pitch Correction PedalVocal Effect Pedal Flamma Innovation comes out of the gate hot this fall with several brand-new products, the first of which is the FV01 Corrector, a compact Vocal Pitch Correction pedal aimed at guitarists and vocalists. As the name suggests, the..
FS22 EkoverbDelay Reverb pedal The Flamma Ekoverb features three combinations of delay and reverb effects that consist of a Reverse Delay/Swell Reverb setting, Analog Echo Delay/Mod Reverb, and a classic Analog Delay/Shimmer Reverb combination. The level and tone of the delay and reverb ..
FS07 CabStereo Cabinets Simulation Pedal Breaking away from simply offering traditional high-quality guitar effects, FLAMMA is proud to introduce their first Cab Simulation pedal. The FS07 Cab pedal features 11 built-in cabinet simulation effects while also supporting endless customizati..
FS06 Digital PreampDigital Preamp Pedal The Flamma lineup continues to expand as they launch their first preamp pedal, boasting 7 digital guitar preamps covering a wide range of tones fit for any genre. As with all Flamma pedals, focus is placed on offering high-quality, flexible..
FS05 Multi ModulationMulti Modulation Pedal The FS05 Multi Modulation Pedal from Flamma Innovation brings the most variety to date while keeping the same body size as other pedals in the Flamma arsenal. Bang for the buck is the name of the game with the FS05, offering 11 differen..
FS03 DelayDelay pedal Featuring 6 delay effects and a built-in looper with an 80 second capacity, The FS03 is designed to be a delay effect experimentation station in a compact, affordable package. Two “Tweak” knobs let you control different parameters which are unique to the selected ef..
FS02 ReverbReverb pedal This compact reverb pedal crams seven distinct digital reverb effects in to a sturdy, metal shell and several control features. The various reverb effects aim to simulate different environments from a small room to large, open cave. More niche effects are also inc..
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